Affordable Internet Advertising for the Marine Industry

Now anyone can advertise on the Internet! We have programs for local, regional and national accounts. We have programs to fit every budget!

Our pages are intentionally designed with a simple, UN-crowded layout and a low contrast background that is easy to read. You don’t have the competition and confusion you find on other web sites. The reader’s attention is focused on your banner resulting in high click-through ratios. is optimized for the best advertising exposure to a highly qualified boating market!’s targeted marketing!


The average age of the serious sailors in the United States is 47, 56% are male and 44% are female. 31% have incomes in excess of $15000, 73% have college degrees and 38% own more than one home.

Geographic targeting

We divided the country into logical boating regions and gathered the basic information every boater needs for all of the ports in each region. The result is thousands of pages dedicated to local knowledge. These pages are indexed on all of the major search engines to draw in readers looking for very specific information about boating and other needs of interest to boaters. Find your favorite port and browse the pages of information we offer.

Now here is the absolutely best deal you will find on the Internet. You can advertise on a port/information page for just $23.70 per year. Your banner will appear proudly at the top of the page drawing qualified customers to your business. This is the best opportunity on the Internet for local businesses. You banner will be seen by customers boating in your area. Customers buying at your establishment!

It’s easy to advertise on Just go to the page you want. If it is available there will be an “Advertise here” message under the banner. Click on it and complete the form. If approved, we will email you an invoice with payment instructions.

Major accounts

Our magazine section features stories about all things of interest to boaters. There is a huge photo gallery and any photo can be turned into wallpaper through our Wallpaper Factory! Our Dock Swap is a popular bulletin board where boaters can leave messages, buying and selling all things nautical. There are stories about our own racing campaign, our aging power-boat and so much more. Please, take a tour of our web site. It’s easy with the handy navigator box appearing at the bottom of every page.