Driving down the ditch I’ve been struggling for some time with how to tell this story. You see, back in November I hitched a ride with a long time friend to help him take his boat south. This was his first “Snow Bird” trip. Full of excitement and a sense of adventure ready to take … Continue reading "Intercoasta"

Replacing our Refrigerator

When you buy a 20 year boat you know you will eventually replace everything. So the time has come to replace our refrigeration system. After searching the Internet, talking to other sailors and visiting the boat shows I decided on Isotherm’s unit. This system has an intelligent controller that reduces power when the ships voltage … Continue reading "Replacing our Refrigerator"

Americas Cup 33

Larry Ellison wins the America’s Cup! In an unusual 3 race “deed of gift” challenge BMW Oracle Racing representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club has won the America’s Cup 2 races to none. What a wonderful Valentine’s Day present for the United States. Despite Alinghi leading part of the first leg it was never close. … Continue reading "Americas Cup 33"

Raspberry Pi WIFI Hotspot

So you built your Raspberry Pi, installed the OS and now you are ready to turn it into a WIFI hotspot. It’s easy to do, you only have to edit three files:


That sinking feeling Imagine! It’s late, you’re just getting ready for bed when the phone rings. You neighbor says, “your boat is sinking!” You better do something. But what? When you get to the dock you find your boat is full of water, but it’s tied to the dock and sitting on the bottom, it’s … Continue reading "Salvage"