Evil Waves

Evil Waves is a Santana 30/30GP built in 1984. After 6 years of racing our J/27, Mad Max, we decided to move up to a boat with more room for our cameras, satellite phone and other equipment. The new boat spent her first winter in Riverside, N.J. where Custom Offshore completed some needed maintenance. Now … Continue reading "Evil Waves"

On Crew Communications

Part of achieving success on the race course involves crew functioning to maximum effectiveness at critical moments during the race. That usually gets accomplished through meaningful communication of what is to happen when, and by whom. Now that sounds pretty stupidly straight-forward, if you ask me, but you’d be surprised how often results are negatively … Continue reading "On Crew Communications"

Coast Guard America

So You Want to Help America. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is more than just boats… by Prof. Wayne Spivak A few short weeks ago, life for America changed for ever. Just as it did some 59 years ago, Americans were shaken from compliancy by acts so horrific, they belie simple explanations. Even back then, the … Continue reading "Coast Guard America"

Marine VHF Communications

FCC Rules for Marine VHF and a handy Frequency Chart When do you need a license? If your boat is over 20 meters (65 feet) long or you are “for hire” you need a license. If you are traveling outside the U.S. or it territorial waters you need a license. Inside the United States and … Continue reading "Marine VHF Communications"