The Whole Game – Yacht Racing

Yacht Racing is a complex sport! Combining art and science, endurance and intellect, yacht racing humbles the young and old alike. We amateur “Beer Can” racers don’t make any money doing this, so what value do we receive from sailing? It is said that, “man invented the slowest form of transportation, sailboats, and then decided … Continue reading "The Whole Game – Yacht Racing"

The Campaign

Now that the summer is winding down in North America, perhaps this is a good time to start planning next years racing. Taking a systematic approach to your campaign will improve your standings and increase your enjoyment. Vision What do you want to do? What is racing to you? Are you a budding young rock … Continue reading "The Campaign"

Americas Cup 33

Larry Ellison wins the America’s Cup! In an unusual 3 race “deed of gift” challenge BMW Oracle Racing representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club has won the America’s Cup 2 races to none. What a wonderful Valentine’s Day present for the United States. Despite Alinghi leading part of the first leg it was never close. … Continue reading "Americas Cup 33"