The Mad Sailor
A Chesapeake Bay sailor rants about racing, cruising and everything else.

Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon …
I love this guy. Gotta meet him some time.

US Yacht Club
An open forum for sailors, boaters and fishermen.

Bluewater’s Weblog
This blog is about sailing and my fatal addiction: the sea.

Messing About In Sailboats
Lots of material from all over.

Florida Sailing Resource
A boating blog from Florida.

SV Carina Cruising Blog
This site will detail our progress as we move closer to achieving our goal of full time cruising through-out the Eastern US & Caribbean.

Mass. Bay Sailors
A Massachusetts Bay (New England) Sailing E-Group Open to ALL who want to share (Read and/or Post) any topic related to sailing.

Blog about your Trips. Stay in touch with your beloved ones. Share Adventures, Photos, Videos and Maps.